Friday, 6 September 2013

Scavenger hunt -Open Air Market

When we were on holiday in July the children & I decided to take part in the Summertime photography scavenger hunt created by Rinda to really get us exploring & photographing this beautiful country & I think it worked not only did we find most of the list in 2 weeks! both children got comfortable carrying & using their camera :)
SH1- open air market.
Whilst exploring Cape Town we found Green Street market. A market has been held in this space for centuries.   
 The square was packed with stalls.
 The goods sold here are made all over Africa.
 The colours & details really drew me in.
 All types of crafts were for sale.
Inside the market it was a maze of paths & alleyways between the stalls.

In theory I wanted to take lots of photos here but in reality the moment you showed any interest in a stall you were encouraged to hold their merchandise & haggling would start before you could even think or speak! all in a very friendly way, but quite off putting when you are not used to this direct approach or of a shy disposition :D


  1. Loving the market pics so colourful and interesting. I also found the full on selling in tangiers market very unsettling x

  2. Love, love, love the market pictures!