Friday, 19 December 2014

Getting in the mood!!

I'm shocked by how long it has been since I last blogged but with birthdays, shopping, house work, card writing...time has got away from me.
To be honest I have very little to share as lots of what I have been working on is either Christmas gifts or needed for next year but I did find a seasonal page you haven't yet seen to get this blog looking more festive.
The wreath is a cut file from the Silhouette store. I've used scraps of Christmas paper to back the circles that don't hold photos from last year.

I filled the bow shape with red satin fabric and padded it out for a luxurious feel.
I'm really pleased with the finished effect and the seasonal colours certainly have a festive look.
Sheena x

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

One photo & Twenty words - Birthday.

Today I'm taking part in the inspired meme - one photo & twenty words, by Abi x
As your Mum 
I love creating an individual cake each year
  for you on this special day.
Happy Birthday Son.

Sheena x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Club - Traditions.

Today I am joining Sian over at  From High in the Sky for a little Christmas story telling.

At Christmas we...look forward to putting up our tree.
Nothing unusual about that I hear you say & I agree it is a pleasurable task for lots of us at this time of year. For my family it has become a tradition for the tree to go up on the weekend around the 10th for the past 20 years. As this is the date our first Son arrived( a week early I might add !!) and caught us out a little with our Christmas plans.
Having been admitted in early labour on the evening of the 9th, Paul was dispatched home awaiting a phone call from labour ward when things had progressed. Being an organised & by now panicky first time Mum to be I wrote Paul a list of jobs/ tasks we still needed to get done at home.
Unbeknownst to me he thought he needed to complete this list of tasks before his Son was born rather than before Christmas as I had intended. So whilst I tried to rest & let nature do it's stuff he was like some crazed madman working well into the night ticking things off the list till dawn broke & he phoned the hospital asking if he had time to go out & purchase  a real tree, the last item on the list,or come back to the hospital for the birth!! They advised him to leave the tree & when he joined me the hospital he looked more shattered than me:D
Here is the little fella on Christmas day 1994 beside our tree.
So every year when we put up our tree we remember that amazing weekend that we became parents for the first time & even though that baby boy is now taller than both of us we never tire of reliving those moments again xxx
Sheena x