Friday, 19 September 2014

Scavenger Hunt (5) - Uluru.

This is my last instalment of the Photo Scavenger Hunt organised by the lovely Rinda x
I'll admit now I am one photo short. The pesky juggler (no.15) was no where to be found in either Australia or Thailand but I did score both of the alternatives so I'm happy to call it quits :).
I'd saved number 13 to share with you till last, so it could have a post all to its self as it was a really special moment.

13) A sunrise.
We had already booked a sunrise & sunset tour at Uluru before we saw Rindas list so I was thrilled it would get included here.
We had to get up really early & as you can see by the outfits it was rather cold standing there watching & waiting. But well worth it.
These photos were taken over just one day as the light & the Rock colour changed. This place has the most magical peaceful feel to it. We took a walking tour around the base finding out so much about it's creation, history & spiritual significance. In theory you can still climb it but we didn't as it feels wrong somehow. 
We drank champagne as we watched the sun set behind Uluru. This was a "bucket list" moment we will never forget x
I really hope Rinda continues this yearly tradition of a Photo Scavenger Hunt as we love doing it here every year x
Sheena x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scavenger Hunt (4) - Sunshine Coast and more.

This is my forth instalment of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt created by Rinda. It's our second year participating & we love searching with our list whilst on holiday.Here are a few more of our captures...
8) A tattoo on a person.
Whilst doing this hunt, I've come to realise I don't know many people with tattoos but I knew on our Rainbow Reunion my friends Hubby had one from his submariner days & this is it. 
10)Photo bomb.
We were having a pic taken on a segway tour on Morton Island when a member of staff shot by on a Quad bike & got herself right in the centre of our photo :D
21) Photo with something representing the season.
It may have been winter in Australia but it felt like summer to me so a Magnum was in order.
When we left Australia we were still short of a few photos but managed to snag these on our way home.
11) A Horn.
In fact these are air horns found for sale in  a market in Hua Hin, Thailand.
1) A sign welcoming people to your home town.
This pic was snapped out of the car window on our way home from the airport. I was so pleased to see we were nearly home after a very long journey.
Many thanks for looking.Just one more instalment to go.

Sheena x

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Big Photo Scrapping.

I recently rejoined a UKS team to encourage me to make some head way through the mounds of photos we have over the last few years. This is my first Aussie pic to be scrapped. It was created for a weekly challenge.

Rainbow Reunion.
The challenge included using a group photo, journalling about the group & using 6 of something, in my case hearts.
The papers are all Maggie Holmes with a few extra embellishments added.
This is the first big photo I've ever used & I'm really pleased with the effect as I printed it at home. 
I used a sketch by Niki Rowland as my starting point which really helped when using a different photo size to usual.
Many thanks for looking.
Sheena x