Friday, 30 April 2010

Scrapagogo April Kit

I realised today that I hadn't shared my April kit pages here.
So here are the first two.
I Spy... when the boys were small, to get them to stay still for photos I used to play I spy with them to take their mind off the camera. I created a long border using the add-on stamp then hand coloured it to co ordinate with the papers.

Spring Greens. I get so wrapped up with scrapping people that I often forget to scrap the little things. This material girl paper just reminded me of my new spring coat, so I had to scrap it. The maya road chipboard shapes are so easy to ink and use, it's had to stop at just one.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Apologises for not posting sooner but I was held up by a volcano !!
Seriously though, we had a wonderful holiday in Florida. We visited all the Disney parks, both Universal parks, Sea World, Busch Gardens and 3 different water parks.
This wasn't our first trip to Florida so the children had a hand in our itinerary so that we could do all the rides they loved to do. Also this year Harriet was tall enough for every ride and being the dare devil she is, she went on them too.
Me on the other hand , am not very keen on rides but I did manage a number of coasters with my favourites being the Rock n Roller coaster at Hollywood Studios and Everest at Animal Kingdom.

Toy Story Mania was our favourite family ride, we went on this numerous times with Paul being the highest scorer.
Our holiday was extended by 8 days due to the volcanic eruption and even though we had some great days out that week, the lack of and conflicting information we were given plus the upheaval of moving hotels caused some anxiety,not to mention the work, school and financial implications too. We were lucky in that as soon as our flight was cancelled Paul rebooked us on the next available flight (8 days later!) before virgin stopped taking bookings. This is the flight that brought us home, some others in our hotel were not as lucky.
As I sort more photos I'll post them for you to see too.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wanyama Safari

Whilst staying here at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we took the opportunity to go on safari on the surrounding savannahs.

We were lucky to get up close with lots of animals but the family favourites were undoubtedly the giraffes who were very inquisitive

This is one of the many thousands of photos we took!


Monday, 5 April 2010

Taking a break

After a hassle free flight having been upgraded to Upstairs by Virgin, we are now enjoying the 80+ degree temperatures Florida has to offer

At Hollywood Studios The Tower of Terror ride is the children's favourite but for a scardey cat like me managed 2 goes on the Rick 'n' Roller Coaster

Hope everybody has had a fantastic Easter

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm so proud...

Just a quick blog post to say how pleased and proud I am of my children. They have all had brilliant end of term school reports. Considering what we have all been through with the fire, Harriet starting a new school and Dan's op I couldn't have asked for more
Tomorrow we go to Florida and I'm so looking forward to us relaxing and having fun as a family, which I think we all could really do with.

Also today we saw the first architect plans of how our house may look when rebuilt, it's going to need some tweaking but I see this as a positive step where we can all get involved to get a house to suit us all. Not sure Paul will tolerate me having a HUGE craft room but if you don't ask...