Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Apologises for not posting sooner but I was held up by a volcano !!
Seriously though, we had a wonderful holiday in Florida. We visited all the Disney parks, both Universal parks, Sea World, Busch Gardens and 3 different water parks.
This wasn't our first trip to Florida so the children had a hand in our itinerary so that we could do all the rides they loved to do. Also this year Harriet was tall enough for every ride and being the dare devil she is, she went on them too.
Me on the other hand , am not very keen on rides but I did manage a number of coasters with my favourites being the Rock n Roller coaster at Hollywood Studios and Everest at Animal Kingdom.

Toy Story Mania was our favourite family ride, we went on this numerous times with Paul being the highest scorer.
Our holiday was extended by 8 days due to the volcanic eruption and even though we had some great days out that week, the lack of and conflicting information we were given plus the upheaval of moving hotels caused some anxiety,not to mention the work, school and financial implications too. We were lucky in that as soon as our flight was cancelled Paul rebooked us on the next available flight (8 days later!) before virgin stopped taking bookings. This is the flight that brought us home, some others in our hotel were not as lucky.
As I sort more photos I'll post them for you to see too.

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