Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm so proud...

Just a quick blog post to say how pleased and proud I am of my children. They have all had brilliant end of term school reports. Considering what we have all been through with the fire, Harriet starting a new school and Dan's op I couldn't have asked for more
Tomorrow we go to Florida and I'm so looking forward to us relaxing and having fun as a family, which I think we all could really do with.

Also today we saw the first architect plans of how our house may look when rebuilt, it's going to need some tweaking but I see this as a positive step where we can all get involved to get a house to suit us all. Not sure Paul will tolerate me having a HUGE craft room but if you don't ask...


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  2. Have a wonderful holiday Sheena xxx

  3. Have a great time Sheena, you all deserve it .... jealous! Claire x

  4. Have a fab holiday and don't forget to say "Hi" to Mickey and Minnie for me now that I've met them in person!!!!!!