Monday, 16 September 2013

Mad about Minions!!

My girl has a thing for these cute little yellow guys so after a little on line research I decided to crochet her a phone case to look just like them. 
I didn't use a pattern so I'm really pleased with how he's turned out & I know she'll love it too.


  1. haha he's brilliant - what a clever mum you are xx

  2. I love this! I'd better keep this post away from TSO, or she'll want one too

  3. Hi Sheena ~ I followed your link from a comment you left on Jacky's blog. Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I love your little minion phone cover. So clever, and I'm very impressed that you make it without a pattern!

  4. hiii..such a lovely cover it is..could you list down the crochet pattern and steps please..thanks <3

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  6. Awesome. Kids always like cartoon figures more. My uncles sons and daughter also like this figures and action figures also more.

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