Friday, 20 September 2013

One Photo & Twenty Words.

I saw this wonderful challenge over on Abi's blog the other day, to tell a story in just 20 words & decided I really wanted to take part & record whats happening in our household at the moment. So here is mine x

Getting packed.
 Soon be time to go. 
New start, new direction.
Going to miss him.
Love you Son.
Sad already...


  1. I remember these days so well :( Love your 20 words xx

  2. Great words Sheena. Can't imagine what it feels like when the kids finally leave the comfort of home. Hope everything goes well for him and you embrace this wonderful new chapter in his life.

    Hope you and the family are well x

  3. Close to my heart. Good luck to your son. Love the photo and your words. xxx

  4. I saw the "Nosh for Students" and just knew what this one was going to be about x Best of luck to him (and if it's any consolation, our boy has settled in well and having a good time)

  5. Love both the photo and words.....Good Luck to him [and you].