Sunday, 8 September 2013

I blame Pinterest !!

I do mean this in the nicest sense! I find it very easy to spend time on Pinterest & a quick 10 minutes can turn into an hour or more before you know it.
But I love the concept of a virtual pin board. In my twenties I used to have files of magazine clippings covering recipes, things to make,clothes patterns...which used to spill out in an untidy jumble when ever I tried to look through them. So I admit I have a number of boards on Pinterest for inspiration & now I've actually made something I've pinned :D

This frame hangs proudly in our hall housing coins from our families travels around the world & I love the mix of colours & different  coins catch my eye each time I pass.
Here is a closer view. The need to fill the frame had us rummaging though old boxes & tins in the garage plus collecting coins on our recent trip away.
I have plans to act on other pins real soon :)
Happy pinning.


  1. Great idea and a conversation piece too!

  2. Love it such a good idea xx

  3. Very cool idea!

    I had files of magazine clippings too - decorating , sewing, Christmas ideas. I started ripping up magazines when i was about ten I think

  4. did you glue the coins or is just having the frame full holding them in place?