Monday, 30 September 2013

My Month in Numbers - September.

Here we are yet again at the end of the month, with time speeding by during 2013.  Here are  my numbers this month & a communal count too.

0. No Gromit's seen on my last trip to Bristol as the queue was too long but met up with 6 IG girls & had a great day out.
2 prizes at Prize Giving. A best in year History award for Matt & Class progress prize for Harriet.

1 recipe - whoopie cakes by Lorraine Pascale. Messy to make but very tasty.
14 blog posts this month.

131 Dans room number in his halls of residence.
4367 Hainault Lodge. We were guests at their Ladies Night.

374 The Candy Crush level I'm stuck on!!

60. We attended the wonderful birthday celebrations for our friend Jilly.

Communal Count.
I live...
1.6 miles/ 32min walk from my primary school.
1.3miles/25min walk from my secondary school.
This really made me smile as over the years I've lives & worked in a number of different cities but are now back where I started :)

Many thanks for looking. Please hop on over to Julie's blog,the MMIN organiser & see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. Sounds like a great month. I'm stuck on level 167, have been for nearly 2 months!!!!

  2. Ladies nights are so much fun and you look beautiful. Oh I was so jealous that Jo got to met up with you recently and sorry to hear you didn't get into the Gromit exhibition

  3. Don't you look gorgeous, all dressed up?

  4. Glad I stopped by to check your numbers! The hat cake looks amazing!

  5. Great numbers. It's giving me some ideas for the second part of MMIN which I'm working on for tomorrow.

  6. WOW - you ook stunning at your Ladies Night! Hope you really enjoyed it. Some great numbers - and sorry you didn't get to see any Gromits! J x

  7. Do you know Sheena - I think that's just the kind of detail I was thinking we might find if we shared our school distances. Hearing about those who'd moved far away, those [like me] who have never been far and those, like you who've returned.

    And speaking of school you must have been a proud Mum of your prize-winners plus, I like that you included the room number - that's just the kind of little number that really tells a bigger story. Love it!

    You're on the board now Sheena - thanks for joining in once again:

    Happy October to you and yours.

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 4th 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog if you'd like to contribute again