Sunday, 3 June 2012

Queen for the day...Moxley style!

I'm lucky enough to attend a lovely monthly crop called the Moxley Massive. It's a bit of a drive away but it's worth it as I get to meet up regularly with some fabulous Ladies many of whom are close friends.

The organisers Lisa & Deb pulled out all the stops for our Jubilee Crop by decorating the hall & providing a slap up buffet lunch too.

As well as providing challenges on the day, Lisa had suggested we could each be a "Queen for the day" & make crowns etc to wear.
Well a group of us were joking about this a few weeks ago & an idea which started with a broken hoover quickly spiralled totally out of control until we ended up with this !!!!
Being QUEEN for the day!!
 Jayne, Jilly, myself & Annie performed I Want To Break Free by Queen on the Crop room stage to a standing ovation, clapping & cheers :D
 I think we looked every inch the part, don't you x

 "Freddie" also handed out the bouquets to the organisers for a fabulous memorable day :)
 I have to say I wouldn't have done this for everybody but I love these ladies to bits & knew from the outset that this was gonna go down a storm & would be as much fun organising as it was performing.
I think there is even a video on FB somewhere if you really want to see us in motion.

This will certainly be one of my top memories this Jubilee :)


  1. And mine Sheena!! A brilliant day!! Thanx for blogging it!! Xxxxxxx

  2. Same here, I had the "bestest" and can't stop laughing