Monday, 4 June 2012

My Month in Numbers - May

Well May has flown by in a blink of an eye so I'll share with you my Month in Numbers, originally created by Julie Kirk, it's a great way to see your life from a different perspective.

21 locks on the Stairway to Heaven, Hatton, a lovely place for a family stroll.
 18 blog posts written- the most so far this year.

81117 capacity at Twickenham when Paul & Matt went to watch the Harlequins v Leicester Tigers with   the score 30-23.
 29 exams sat by my 3 children for end of year / AS level.

6940 days married or put another way 19 years celebrated with drinking 1 lovely bottle of Selfridges champagne :)
 5 books read, The 50 shades trilogy plus 2 by Stieg Larsson.

2 recipes tried. Chocolate soufflé and cheese straws :)
7.  Dan played Rugby sevens for his new team The Wheatleyans.
 81, 68 & 34 Three family birthdays this month celebrated with cakes & candles.

I hope you have enjoyed this version of May x


  1. Those locks look amazing - and also quite strange.

    Anniversaries have definitely been a recurring theme for May's numbers. Congratulations on yours. I'm impressed by how many books you got through too - I must be a really slow /easily distracted reader!

    Thanks for joining in once again, I've added your post to the board now:

    Have a great June.

    Julie :-)

  2. Great numbers. I love the 19 years married numbers.

  3. great numbers Shenna - envious of the Harlequins game x

  4. Yes, exams exams seemed to dominate our numbers this month too (though you had some nice celebrations in there too. I love that champagne photo!)