Saturday, 9 June 2012

Document Life - March

Im keeping up well with this project so far, hope I didn't say that too soon !!
So these are March's four pages.
Highlighting:- Mothers day, my first visit to Selfridges champagne bar for a friends birthday...
 Harriets 12th birthday, her performances in Coventry's Gang Show, the exhibiting of the Olympic quilt I helped make...
 My boys completing the Chase Walk, watching Oliver at the Theatre, baking ...
 The GoGo Getaway, Sports Relief & every day life :)
 It makes me smile just looking back at these pages as it's surprising how quick I seem to forget all we have done!
Thanks for looking xxx


  1. Fab layouts - I'm starting one of these albums in a couple of months when I turn 30 - eek, gonna be a challenge I always seem to be really far behind with my scrapbooking x