Saturday, 30 November 2013

My Month in Numbers - November.

As we head at an alarming pace towards the end of 2013 I thought I would share with you our past month using this wonderful system MMIN, devised by Julie Kirk.

5 christmas gifts plus several stocking fillers at present in production.
13 blog posts written.
455 - I've finished all the levels of Candy Crush!!
1938 - Paul has been asked to be the next Master of this Mark Master Masons Lodge.
6 - attended a 6th form meeting with our second Son looking at all his options.
99/64 my blood pressure at my GP check up this week.
1 new recipe tried. Spinach and cheese pie from Jaimie's 30 minute meals. We loved it & I can see it becoming a firm favourite.
3 The number of teeth Harriet is missing this month. 2 removed by the dentist & 1 fell out.

Communal Count.
0 We have not received any Christmas cards as yet!
Many thanks for stopping by. Hop on over to Julie's to see what others have been up to this month x
Sheena x


  1. That's a good round up. I must admit to being cheered by seeing that everyone else hasn't got thier Christmas cards written yet either!

  2. Great post Sheena - I can't belive you've finished Candy Crush - well done you !! x

  3. you are good..making some of your Christmas presents. Great numbers x

  4. That pie does like nice ... you always make me aware of my lack of interest in trying to cook new things. I love eating new things ... but it just never translates into finding new recipes!

    Your festive fabrics look very pretty, I'm sure they'll be well received. and congratulations to Paul on being asked to be Master of the lodge [does that make you a Mistress? Does it involve you needing to get a new dress for the occasion? I do hope so!

    You're on the board now Sheena:

    Happy December to you all!

    Julie :-)