Sunday, 1 December 2013

Story Telling Sunday- My Festive Favourites.

Welcome to this, the last Story Telling Sunday, Pick Your Precious of the year. Many thanks to Sian for devising & hosting this fabulous story sharing concept which has had me visiting blogs all over the globe, reading the most amazing stories causing me to laugh, cry, giggle, gasp....

Today I wanted to end with something I just love to do at this time of year which involves me seeing our "precious" & reliving & retelling moments from our lives.
What am I talking about ??
Decorating our Christmas trees :)
As we open the boxes of decorations the story of our life as a couple & a family see the light of day after 50 weeks carefully wrapped & stored away.
Here are just a few...
...we bought this bell for our first ever Christmas tree when we were first living together in 1990 I believe. 
...Paul inherited this delicate birdie from his Nan & she always goes high up on the tree to keep her from harms way & little fingers!
 ... memories of visits to Florida with the children & friends.
...a souvenir from Birmingham's German Christmas Market which we visit every year.
... special decorations made for us by the children x
...24 of these were made for us by my Mum before we were married & although they didn't all survive the fire the ones that did have been loving restored by her for us xxx
 ...meeting the man in red in Lapland.
I could easily go on & on recounting the memories stored delicately in the layers of tissue paper. Maybe another time.
Thank you for coming over here & reading my stories, it's much appreciated. If you hop over to Sian's blog you will find many more, so I recommend you make a cuppa & spend a few minutes enjoying the stories shared xxx
Sheena x


  1. It's lovely that our tress hold so many memories, thank you for sharing yours x

  2. It's amazing how many people's christmas trees are so full of precious memories.

  3. I've just come from Becky's blog and I was telling her about our first Christmas when I cut a picture of a wreath of the front of the Boots catalogue and stuck it to the wall as a decoration! Like you since then we have gathered up a collection and you are absolutely right. They tell the story of our life together. What a perfect way you have put this. Lovely!

    Many many thanks for joining in of a Sunday Sheena. Your story of the fire will always stand out in my mind and your bravery in getting going again and saving up some new memories is an inspiration to us all. Thank you x

  4. What precious memories your Christmas tree holds for you x

  5. you have some beautiful decorations and even more precious memories x

  6. I can identify with this Sheena. I have never understood my SIL, who replaces her entire set of tree decorations annually, to fit the current fashion. I much prefer our own eclectic mix, collected over many years and holding so many memories, just like yours.

  7. Beautiful - Princess was suggesting the Birmingham Christmas market now shes up that way. Maybe next year we said. I go often as I have a conference in Birmingham most Decembers.

  8. Lovely ornaments! We collect ornaments on our travels and each year decorating the tree is like a review of those times. We also have some handed down & handmade - I have a similar cross stitch ornament in a frame my sister made me many years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great decorations with happy memories attached to them.

  10. I can relate to your collection as well - such a lovely way to remember so many great family memories!

  11. A lovely collection of ornaments with very precious memories and a fitting way to end Story Telling Sunday :)

  12. Ooh, I love seeing everyone's special baubles!

  13. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this post ad lovely to see these special and precious decorations

  14. What a lovely post! It's a perfect December Precious story!

  15. Oh, don't you love that trees hold so many stories. Great post, I enjoyed all the little tales.