Thursday, 19 December 2013

Handmade for Christmas.

Over the past year with the help of my friend Kirsty, I have really enjoyed rediscovering my love of sewing( like I need another hobby!!!). In years gone by I've made simple clothes for me & the boys, blinds, curtains, cushion covers, fancy dress & nativity costumes...
Now I'm trying my hand at quilting & after some success with one for Harriets room, I planned two more with Christmas in mind.

This one is for our lounge. For snuggling with my girl over the holidays & watching Xmas movies...It's the biggest I've attempted & I've learnt a lot during it's construction.
This is a Christmas gift for my Mum -in-law with a fleecy back to keep her extra cosy in the cold weather.
The fabric used is Moda Joy.
I have sewn quite a few more Christmas gifts this year but will have to wait to share them when they have been opened;)

Sheena x


  1. Oh my Sheena .... Stunning is really all I can say

  2. OMG ! Sheena these are lovely, you are truly talented, I would really love the patience to make at least a small one. Your MIL will love hers I'm sure.

  3. Lovely Sheena - my friend Sally is teaching me to quilt so I'm getting the bug too! XX