Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Month in Numbers - December.

It's been another mad crazy month in the Rowlands household & to be honest thats just the way I like it. There are times when I'd like things to slow down but I think there is plenty of time for that when I'm old!!
Here is our December using this fabulous system, MMIN devised by Julie Kirk x


19 Our eldest had a birthday.

blog posts! we have been so busy that I got out of the habit!

23rd Scout Jamboree to be held in Japan in 2015 & I have 2 yes 2 children selected to go x we are beyond thrilled x
2006 - I attended the Class of 2006 graduation with Dan to collect his A level certificates.
3 new recipes tried. Brandy & Apricot cake, chocolate roulade & melting snowman biscuits.All really yummy & consumed over Christmas.
12 hour Moxley Crop with 2 surprise visitors xxx

2 Christmas dinners cooked, one with family & another with great friends.
4 becomes 5. I'd just got used to Dan being at Uni & then he was back for the hols. I do love it when we are all together x
Many thanks for sticking with this post & for coming over to my little corner of the world. I really appreciate your comments & hope to see you again next year x
Happy new Year.

Sheena x


  1. How lovely to see your group photo! Isn't it great when they come home from uni for a visit?
    You sound like you had a really busy month. That chocolate roulade looks amazing - It's lovely to have an excuse to try out new recipes isn't it?
    Happy New Year to you !

  2. What a wonderful post recapping your holiday. That's a fab photo of the five of you!

  3. Such a lovely recap and most of all what a gorgeous family photo. May 2014 bring you much happiness

  4. well you blogged more than me and how is it possible to have so many beautiful people in one family? Loving the last picture, you're all so goodlooking xxx

  5. Wow a 24hr crop! I was a lightweight then! Some lovely things happened for you x

    1. oops you found my deliberate mistake Kirsty :D

  6. Love the snapshot of your family, and the beautiful family photo.I got here via CJS14; it's nice to meet you.

  7. Dropping by to wish you and the family a Very Happy New Year. Hope it's a great one for you!

  8. Great numbers and really fantastic photos. Such clarity and good lighting.

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours Sheena - that's a wonderful family photo [everyone's smiling, facing the same way and have their eyes open - a Christmas miracle for group shots!], I'm sure it'll be looked on fondly for years to come.

    Thanks so much for keeping me and my numbers company all year, your posts have never failed to make my tummy rumble [brandy and apricot cake? Just when I thought I couldn't face Christmas food any longer ....]

    You're on the board now Sheena: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

    Have a *great* January.

    Julie :-)