Thursday, 2 January 2014

My word for 2014

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. Here's hoping 2014 is good to us all.

For the past few years I have resisted in setting resolutions for myself at this time of year as I found I set unreal, unachievable goals for myself, setting myself up to fail. So now I follow Ali Edwards example and find One Little Word to help guide me & keep me on track for the coming year.
After a lot of thought I've chosen...


During this year I want to find the right balance for me between:

-eating / cooking & being fit & healthy.
-being inside & being outside.
-recording our memories & making our memories.
-being busy & taking time to relax.
-time with my family & friends & spending time alone.
-being a good person & not being taken for granted.
-feeling stressed/emotional & feeling    strong / in control.

The plan is to keep remembering this OLW & revisit this post periodically to help achieve the optimum balance in my life.

Sheena x


  1. SNAP Sheena, its my word for this year too. Great minds and all that . . . xx

  2. Happy New Year....this looks like a great OLW.....good luck with it.

  3. I love OLW and find that it really does help me to keep on track with a broad intention.
    Paramount was a great word for me in 2013. I'll be revealing my 2014 word this weekend.

  4. That sounds tremendous Sheena.... Wishing you the very best for 2014 xxx

  5. What a strong word. More so that I love your thoughts behind the word. Good luck Sheena, I love the process of OLW x

  6. Well now, that's a tricky one - good luck with it.

  7. Great word. Blanace is the thing I think most people crave for in their lives, I certainly do x

  8. good choice Sheena Balance is also my word for 2014. Did Alii Edwards OLW class last year loved that it kept me focused on my word throughout the year. You may be interested in Brene Brown's TED talk and or her book "The gifts of imperfection" .