Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Extra pages...

When I work on my Project Life pages it depends how busy our month has been to how many pages I end up with. This makes total sense but sometimes I give special events/ times their own insert if there is lots to show & remember & then I tend to use different styles of page protecters to add more interest to the album as a whole. These are 2 said inserts from August.
My birthday.
I had a fabulous day being spoilt by family & friends and also a surprise visit to Stoneleigh Abbey which Jane Austin visited ( I'm a huge fan) & possibly used as the basis for her Mansfield Park novel.
This month we went to Bristol twice hunting Gromits. Initially I didn't intend to include them all in my PL but with the help of Picassa I managed to showcase them all.
I used parts of the map as background & for the titles.
Thanks for looking x
Sheena x


  1. Fabulous! Love the Gromits xx

  2. those are such bright and happy pages.... I wish I had made the trip to Bristol to see all the Grommits

  3. Those Gromit pages are - "cracking"! Sorry, couldn't resist ..