Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What a coincidence ...

On the week that the Oxford Dictionary named SELFIE as it's word of the year, I'd used it as the title for a page I designed in advance as a Special Investigator for the challenge blog CSI for this weeks case file 98!

Collecting Summer Selfies!
When we got home from our summer holiday I found this & lots more similar on my camera which I didn't realise my daughter had taken. They really make me smile, gone are the days when we didn't appear in our own photos as now we can just take our own. I love the idea & have certainly embraced it.
I've used a real mix of product on this page. Some papers are basic grey & the fabric frame is Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper.
Scheme - I used all the colours.
Evidence - stripes, polka dots, book page, ribbon, frame, wood & spiral note book punch all used.
Testimony - Inspiration words - Collect...

Have you embraced the art of Selfie taking ? I'd love to hear your views on them.

Many thanks for looking x
Sheena x


  1. What a great selfie she took.....I love all your layering of small pieces on this page.

  2. I love the way you have pulled all the bits together on this. It's really great.

    Funny, I was just emailing TTO to tell him his Granny had been asking if he had taken any selfies of himself in the thermals she had sent him!! She was very pleased with herself for using her new word.

  3. Great page. I'm kind of obsessed with taking random selfies now, gone are the days when I'd do anything to avoid being in any photos lol! Thank god for Instagram, add a filter and hide all your spots and rough patches lol!

  4. Great word, great page! My girls just love taking selfies, ALL the time ! I must use some up it's such a popular trend right now :)
    Karen x

  5. Cute page. I was surprised that selfie was the word of the year - but being a scrapper - I shouldn't have been.