Saturday, 23 November 2013

The cold makes me hooky!

Now that the weather has turned colder I find that I am less likely to go out unless I have to as once I get cold I stay cold!
So the huge advantage of this is I've been picking up my crochet of an evening. We all have WIP's (work in progress) but I've set my mind to try & finish 1 WIP before I start another new project...

I started making this scarf last autumn & TBH it was really close to being finished but it got bundled away when getting sorted for Xmas & got forgotten. The pattern was in a Simply Crochet magazine.
I'm thrilled with how it looks & have had many compliments whilst wearing it.
To spread the Crochet word I went to the Toft Alpaca Farm for a workshop with 3 lovely friends this week.
We learnt to crochet a snowflake which was quite a hard project for a novice but we revived ourselves with a lovely pub lunch afterwards.
Hope you are all keeping warm & snug x

Sheena x


  1. Your scarf is gorgeous! I bet it makes you feel cheerful every time you put it on

  2. What a beautiful scarf! I just cannot get to grips with crochet - knitting yes, crochet no! I am very envious that you can crochet such beautiful things!