Thursday, 15 August 2013

What a Day !

I think I will remember today forever. I've never been so nervous for someone else as I was this morning as we waited for UCAS to open to see if Daniel had got a place at his first choice University, Warwick. We decided to check their website first before going in to school to collect his A level results. I'm so glad we did as we were greeted with the words...Congratulations.
I can't truly express how thrilled we are for him & how proud we are that all the hard work he put in really paid off with great A level results :)
As a little surprise we had a framed shirt signed by Jason Robinson from the 2007 Rugby World Cup for him.

So as he starts this new chapter of his life we wish him every success . Love you lots Son xxx


  1. Well done to your boy and a super surprise shirt. We met Jason Robinson a few months back...great guy x

  2. Many congratulations to him! and the very best of luck as he heads off to his new life.

    We had good news here to. Edinburgh, here he comes!

  3. Congratulation to you all, but especially to Dan, wishing in well for the future.