Saturday, 24 August 2013

Scavenger Hunt part 3

We all got in the spirit of the hunt during our holiday in South Africa & we carried a list with us in our hire car so we could cross off what we found & remember what else to look out for & it really worked well.
Here are some more of our finds x

SH15 - Police Car.
We spotted this police car up by Table Mountain, I chickened out from photographing it from the front as their police are armed & I didn't think they would understand my need for a photo!!

SH13 - A fence.
This barbed wire fence was at the prison on Robben Island. It was there to separate the inmates in each block.

SH 10 - A bench outside.
During our visit to Kirstenbosch national botanical gardens in Cape Town, we made good use of the benches provided to sit, relax & enjoy the grounds.    

SH20 - A dinosaur.
We found these on a market stall. We loved the back pack especially :) shame my lads are too old for it!

SH14 - A stained glass or mosaic .
We found this Bed & breakfast sign in the Bo-Kaap district famed for its brightly painted houses. We love the sign but think it's quite hard to read!

We came across this little fella in a craft market highlighting their plight in this part of the world. The sign on it caused a snigger or two from at least one of our group!!

This leaves us 6 more & a bonus item to show you before the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt closes for the summer on september 21st. All the details can be found over on Rhinas blog . Happy Hunting xxx


  1. Oh it's so fun to see everyohe's snaps. Such great variety. Good luck on getting your last half dozen plus the bonus.

  2. Its great that the whole family got caught up in the fun of the hunt

  3. I love how these pictures show all the different aspects of South Africa

  4. I love these vacation photos; the perfect venue for the scavenger hunt!

  5. I love these photos - especially the rhino!
    Margaret (glitterandglue)

  6. Your rhino would be right at home in Southampton at the moment, they are all over, highlighting the plight of rhinos in the wild. Love the light in the first bench photo.

  7. Smiling as I see that you are from the UK and were vacationing in S Africa = WOW!
    Lucky you!
    My dh and I visited the UK in June and took our list with us and had THE most wonderful time...
    Your photos are super...the colors on the Police vehicle look like the ones they use in Ireland which I just happen to have a photo of for my Part 2 photos coming soon
    Happy weekend to you and yours
    oxo Patty in Virginia, USA

  8. Love the dinosaur backpack! Great way of showing us some differrent parts of South Africa :-)

  9. FAntastic! Thanks for taking us to South Africa. I don't think we've had Hunt photos from there before. I find the fence particularly evocative.
    Thanks for linking up,

  10. Great collection of photographs from your summer family vacation. I really like the rhino and dinosaur backpack.

  11. Great silly sign and I like the dino backpack too :)