Monday, 2 July 2012

My Month in Numbers - June

Here is my numerical version of the last month following the concept started by Julie Kirk x
204 miles I drove so I could go out for a curry with 7 of the Swimming Women :)
 2 recipes tried this month. mini meringues & plain scones, both cooked for Jubilee Buffet.
17 blog posts during June.

A Zillion cuddles this special little fella got when he came to visit us x
 28 Paul's golf handicap. During his 4 days away playing 3 rounds he scored 96 points.
 23 visitors to our home for meals, chats, laughs & look arounds.
10K Dan ran over obstacles & through rivers to complete the X Runner event!
£99.99 for 10 driving lessons for Dan.
 4mins 21 seconds- the length of The Queen Song - I Want to Break Free we acted out for the Moxley Jubilee crop!!
60 Glorious Years celebrated all over the World & in our house :)

Many thanks for looking x


  1. Such a lively month, full of joy. Lovely family events.

  2. Your monthly food experiments always look so lovely! And driving that far for a curry [and friends] is serious commitment!

    But how nice that effort was repaid with all your visitors too.

    Thanks for joining in with another great round-up, I've now pinned your post to the board:

    Happy July to you!

    Julie :-)