Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My 10 on the 10th - Holiday essentials!

Welcome to my 10 things on the 10th of the month. This fabulous monthly blog post idea started over with Shimelle, so pop on over to see other 10 on the 10th today x
For July I'm focusing on a subject close to my heart at the moment as we are getting ready to embark on a holiday & I like to be organised if I can!

Holiday Essentials.
1. Travel Necessities - I mean passport, documents, driving licence & currency. All things I really need to remember as without the holiday will be ruined from the get go.
 2. ipad to keep in touch with the world, play games, skpe, read books... I love how versatile this really is :) I'd hate to be with out it.
3. Camera & empty memory cards- Essential for all scrapbookers & sightseers alike. I love digital, the joy of knowing you can take as many as you like to get the shot you want.
 4. Travel Adapters- Going to need this to charge all the previous equipment!! Think this should have been number 2 on my list!
5. Suntan Cream- Always needed in a decent factor number due to having Scottish ancestors ! who I totally blame for my strawberry blonde colouring :D With out any cream I burn to a crisp - not a pretty sight!
 6. Mossie repellent - These little critters adore me so this is a must for me at all times.

7. Straighteners - I do try & relax whilst we are away as far as my hair is concerned but I always pack my straighteners for nights out !

8.Guide Books- even if I've really studied them i still like to take my guide books with me in the hope I get to see & experience all I want to.

 9. Travel journal/ diary - I like to record daily where we are & what we got up to  as my memory is useless for this & whilst away the days tend to blend together. I find that a few minutes every day is all it takes.
10. Pashmina scarf- I have a scarf which has been on literally  every holiday & has been used as a pillow, a sun shade , a blanket , a picnic rug, a head cover & skirt for religious purposes ...
What do you always take away with you ?
I hope you enjoyed my 10 on the 10th x
Many thanks for looking xxx


  1. Fab 10 things, made me realise I should start planning my list, I am so excited for both of us.
    Love and Hugs

  2. Does that mean you are off to Singapore and Australia Mrs Rowlands? X If so, have a lovely time. XX

  3. Nice check list! I do need to get a pashmina scarf since I have read many times how essential it is for traveling!

  4. What a great list, I am going on vacation soon and will use some of your tips! The scarf tip is genius!

  5. Fab list, love all your guide books, you are going to have a blast xx

  6. Looks like you are definitely prepared for your travels! :)

  7. Ooh, thanks for reminding me that I'll need a travel adapter when we go away in a few weeks! Great list! x

  8. Great list! I just discovered the importance of travel adapters in the last few years - what an amazing invention they are! Hope you have wonderful travels.

  9. As we holiday in the UK I think mine will be a brolly this year!

  10. I think I have all those things on my list and much more besides - I'm a kind of take the kitchen sink girl when it comes to packing.

    Have a fun holiday wherever you go