Sunday, 12 June 2011

Through sunshine & showers..

In typical British summer style, yesterdays District Cub Scout Camp sampled all types of weather & saw all sorts of outfit combinations !
From caps, cream & shades to wellies & waterproofs & back again !!
This however did not dampen the mood of the children there, who all had a chance to mix with other groups, catch up with old friends, complete some badge work, eat loads & have a campfire.
H, M & I were there in helper roles & it reminded me why I'm in Scouting & how much we all love it.

Just a pic of H to finish catching her breath before the next lot of washing up !!


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  1. Camping now that's blast from the past, I used to love camping but now I'm not sure I'm up to roughing it maybe Glamping's the way to go!