Friday, 3 June 2011

Can you Spot the Difference ??

There is a subtle difference between the photos
you may have to look real hard
to see it !
any luck ??

Try this pair !
Can you see it more clearly ?!
it doesn't look much !
Shall I tell you ?

It's the overhead power cable
thats gone :D
Obviously, our cable went for analysis
after the fire
but next doors overhead cable has remained
in position over our plot.
We, our builder & architect
have been campaigning for over 1 year
to get this cable underground.
Finally they came this week to do it.

As the cable is live
it has caused no end of problems
with not only the demolition of our property
but also the building work
as no crane, scaffolding or workman
can go too close !

Heres hoping there will be no
more hold ups on the horizon.

1 comment:

  1. Result ... the house is coming one nicely. xxx