Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Home alone ...

or as home alone as you can be
in a house with 3 teenage kids !

let me explain
I'm what they call a
Golf Widow

Now don't get me wrong
I'm not concerned or upset by this
as Paul has certainly earned his little jaunt
but the question is what should I do ???

Before we come up with some wacky suggestions
I still need to do the school run
& a few Mum's taxi journeys too.

So as a lover of lists
I thought I'd compile one of all the things I fancy doing.

Watch any channel
Catching up on all my recorded programmes...starting with Glee
Watch a girlie movie or two
Scrap & spread my stash all out !
Paint my toe nails a different colour every day
Read gossipy mags whilst snuggled in the quilt
Eat what I fancy for tea
Eating in front of the TV
Putting my PJ's on at tea time
Go for a run
Go for a swim
Lunch out
Lie in a steaming hot bath with my book
Surf the net in bed
Catch up with some girlie chat on the phone :)

Can you see I'm new to this !!
What would you do ?
Can you recommend something I should add to my list?

1 comment:

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now let me see!
    I'm right out of practise having the house to myself what with Hannah on study leave.