Friday, 10 June 2011

10 Things...

This caught my eye
over on Shimelle's blog this morning.
To list 10 things on the 10th of the month,
any 10 things relevant to you
so here goes...

10 Things I Adore Right Now.

1) Family & Friends - No surprise there I know :)
but I want to add how fabulous they have all been
when we've needed them most & for that I will be eternally grateful x

2) Travel Guides - I just love to paw over these when
we start to make our holiday plans
There are some exciting adventures on the horizon.

3) Scrapbooking - I love all scrapbooking brings me,
fab supplies, full albums, loads of photos
teaching opportunities, DT work & like minded friends.

4) Other Hobbies - Lately I've been branching out a little
enjoying the freedom that paints, inks & sprays have to offer.
Also I'm knitting & sewing again too.

5) Light Evenings - Over the last year I've started to
enjoy running & these light evenings make me feel
so much safer to be out on my own.
Only downside now is the traffic get to view me in Lycra !!

6) Ice Cold Coke - Need I say more !
(This pic was taken over xmas!)

7) Painted Toe Nails - It's the little things ? right ?
A little bit of colour makes me smile.
Mine tend to be green or blue :)

8) Fresh Flowers - having flowers in the house
makes it feel like home.
Sweet Williams are a favourite.

9) Ipad 2 - What an invention
I love to go to bed & snuggle down in the quilt
& use the Ipad to catch up on the day,
watch a movie or play a game.

10) Summer Fruits - So many to choose from
all sweet & juicy
what's not to love ?

Hope you adore my 10 things too
I'm thinking this should be a scrapbook page too.


  1. Fab list! I want an ipad2 (even though I've already got the first version!)

  2. your top ten list is fab full of fun summery happy things. I think your blog is great and have now subsribed, thanks for visiting my blog xxx

  3. fabby list, enjoy the simple things :)

  4. Mmmm, cherries are in season here too...need to get a bunch! Happy travels when you go!

  5. Great list! I love travel guides too - the Rough Guides are my favourite and I buy one for each country we visit and spend hours pouring over them!

  6. Great list! I love most of those things too.

  7. love your list, i dont remember the last time i painted my toenails in a non pink colour, i have about 10 different shades.. i love fresh flowers too :) love your blog xo