Sunday, 30 June 2013

My month in Numbers - June.

Here we are half way through the year which is going much too fast for my liking! I'm going to share with you today my numbers for the past month using this fab system devised by Julie Kirk.


175 points scored by DH on his golf holiday to win this trophy.

1227 & 4232 the candidate numbers for the 5 & 2 exams my boys sat at school.

2 new recipes cooked, mustard chicken & quick lamb tagine (pictured)
1779  the year this amazing Iron Bridge was constructed over the Gorge & my first time seeing it.
18 friends I've caught up with for chats, coffee, meals, scrapping, weekends & skype not including a 50th party we attended last night!.

158 chased down in 20 overs to become Warwickshire Schools Cricket U15's Cup Winners.
13 blog posts written this month.

12% bigger 30% brighter - The Super Moon looked from earth.
4 nights our daughter spent away on a school residential trip to Yorkshire.
Many thanks for looking & hop on over & check out Julie's numbers & all the other lovely bloggers joining in xxx


  1. Great round-up post. Congrats to the trophy winners!

  2. A great collection of numbers! Hope the exams went well and congratulations to those cup winners.
    I like the sound of both of those recipes.

  3. Love your page with the b/w photo against the greens, looks gorgeous - and love that you've scraplifted yourself! I've used that sketch twice - it's a really great sketch so thanks again! :o)

  4. Missing you... keep thinking back to this time last weekend we were...

  5. What a fun list. An iron bridge built in 1779 - I'm glad I got to see your photo of that.

  6. This is a great idea Sheena. Love to see the pictures each month.

  7. As a complete non-sporty-type I can't claim to understand the sporty stats ... but I'm still cheering on the successes of your menfolk!

    I should know better by now than to read your numbers before lunch ... the tagine looks rather tasty. And I'm a little envious you saw the super moon - it was a bit too cloudy for us.

    I've added you to the board now Sheena:

    Happy July to you all!

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 1st 'Communal Count' are up on my blog today if you want to join in with that too.

  8. That tagine look mouth watering. I'm a little peckish now... Great post of stats. ♥

  9. Congratulations to your DH and your son. Hope the exams end up well too. Very jealous of all your socialising.

  10. Fab picture of the super moon. That bridge is really beautiful - I keep telling DH we need to spend a long weekend in that area - it is on our to do list!!