Thursday, 20 June 2013

Moving On

Yesterday was Dan's last day at school ever! well if you don't count book return & final assembly!
When did that happen ?
It may be the end of this chapter for him but it's the start of the next.
So I thought I'd look through the photos & reminisce :)
This is him on his first day at primary School, a little apprehensive as he hadn't attended their nursery but he soon settled in.
This was his first day at Senior School, looking so smart, wearing collar & tie for the first time.
Yesterday after his last exam. An adult with his whole life ahead of him.
I really hope he gets to do in life what he wants but most of all I want him to be happy xxx


  1. Great post and I wish him all the best on his new adventures x

  2. Well said and good luck Dan. Hope you get the results you need to move on to your next adventures,
    Jo xxx

  3. lovely post - good luck Dan in what ever you do.

  4. Same day, same thing here! best of luck to him for the future

  5. I left Bablake 25 years ago this week (gosh) and it;s still got a big place in my heart. All the principles and morals that he has been taught will stand him in good stead. x

  6. Just found your lovely blog via Scrap365! I too was at Bablake ('85) & loved every minute. Wishing him every success :)