Thursday, 13 June 2013

Diamond Anniversary.

Sixty years ago today, 11 days after the Queens Coronation, my Aunt & Uncle were married.
Today is their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, which is an amazing achievement. My brother organised it so that the Queen was able to congratulate this lovely couple too & they had no idea this had been sorted for them.
It was wonderful to see the emotions as they realised what the recorded delivery contained.
I'd never seen a card from the Queen before, even the envelope is stunning. It now has pride of place on their mantle.
 Also a special day deserves special flowers.
Today has been a day to remember, sending my love to a wonderful couple xxx


  1. My Aunt & Uncle received a card from the Queen in their Diamond Day. It's a special gift. Congratulations to them

  2. What a great thing to do for your aunt & uncle and what a lovely card it is.