Sunday, 7 April 2013

Story Telling Sunday - Keeping precious memories alive x

Here we are again on the first Sunday of the month & following the fabulous format devised by Sian I'm sharing with you something Precious - Memories, old & new x

This month I wanted to show you one of the ways we have been keeping  memories which we hold Precious, alive & in the fore front of our minds.
This is our kitchen wall. We acquired these printers trays from different sources but grouped them together to hold little bits & pieces. These little things represent holidays, people, moments...none are valuable in the monitory sense but to us they are priceless. Being in such a prominent place they get lots of attention which in turn sparks spontaneous story telling to the admiring audience :)
Now for a closer look...

a wooden church from my childhood.

a jade elephant from China Town, Singapore.

an elephant made by our daughter at school.

glass santa from Venice.

a boomerang from Sydney.

a MGM badge from the Harry Potter Studio Tour...

a pyramid from Egypt.

a masonic stamp.

a Merlion from Singapore.

a book from my Auntie.

angry birds!

pin badge from Disney, Florida.

2 chickens, like our pets...

wooden icons of new York.

a Russian doll from Warsaw.

a glass turtle from Australia.

a camel from Cairo.

Fawkes the phoenix - our family mascot!

a thimble like my Gran used.

a rock from the Salt mine in Krakow...

When we look at these trays I can't help but smile as the memories come flooding back.


  1. Oh how lovely! I am particularly fond of jade and elephants so that made me smile. The older wood has such lovely texture.

    Also - and this is something I've done in Ewok's room (using display trays from IKEA) and want to repeat in the main area of the new house. So glad that it works for you in jut the way I had wondered if it would for us!

  2. Sheena, these are stunning! What an amazing way to display all your treasures..they make such a fascinating impact altogether and I guess sometimes you play about with them and change them round a bit? I love that Fawkes is your family appropriate! Love it.

  3. What a wonderful idea, to have all those little reminders on display, instead of tucked away in drawers and shoe boxes.
    Fiona x

  4. Wow, those are splendid. How nice that you can stop and spot a favorite and relive a memory right in your kitchen. Brilliant!

  5. What a fantastic idea, I love it. What a great way to preserve those nick-nacks that we all have.

  6. What a great idea to showcase your life's memories and all your precious objects.

  7. What a beautiful display. I love the way you have used the printers trays, what a great idea.

  8. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing x

  9. oh wonderful. this is a fabulous way to keep those memories precious x

  10. What a great way to show off all of the things you've collected x

  11. What a wonderful way of keeping all those precious memories alive :)

  12. I just love these. I have just one printer tray hanging on my studio wall, holding a variety of wooden stamps. I'd love to have the wall space to add a few more. Yours are really lovely!

  13. You see, I just knew I should have bought those printer trays when I saw them in Brighton! This is really lovely, so full of wonderful memories.

  14. I must take a closer look at these the next time I come round!

  15. Beautiful trays and love all the little bits on them!

  16. How fun! What a great conversation piece!