Friday, 19 April 2013

Gang Show Time :)

It's that time of year when the members of Coventry Gang Show put all the months of practise onto the stage & perform their hearts out.
This will be our daughters second year in the main cast & this year I joined too. I'm not a great performer so I'm working backstage with the wardrobe team. We have spent months sewing, altering and ironing the costumes & this week I'm working as a dresser, taking charge of a group of children & all their costumes, making sure they have the right clothes on at the right time,doing running repairs... It's more tiring than you'd believe!

If you are local please come & see them x There is a performance tonight & 2 more tomorrow. You won't be disappointed. I watched the show on opening night & it's full of old & new tunes which will have you clapping along, sketches which will have you laughing out loud and a bit of Beyonce that has to be seen to be believed :D

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