Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My month in Numbers - April.

Wow another month gone so quickly. Here is my Month in Numbers following the example of the lovely Julie Kirk x


2 new recipes. Chicken Cacciatore from Jamies 15 minute meals & homemade meatballs.

70yrs We celebrated with my Dad.
£310 raised for Children's Liver Disease Foundation at Dads party. A charity that helps support Jack & his family :)
151 Level reached on Candy Crush Saga!!

5 performances Harriet was in for Coventry GangShow.
14 blog posts written.

1135 points scored a win for Dan & his network team at the Apex Challenge.

£179.99 cost of a new screen for Paul's iphone5 after he dropped it !
1-1 score of matts last footy game of the season.
Many thanks for looking & hop on over to Julie's blog for loads more numbers for April :)


  1. April did go very quickly I think!

    I'm wincing at that iphone. Ooh! But some great celebratory numbers in there too to make up for it

  2. an expensive month for you...that's a pretty sum! Nice numbers and photos x

  3. Congrats to your dad on 70 years. Looks like a busy month at your place for theatre and sports. I think I would cry if I did that to my iphone.

  4. Your dad is a very young looking 70!

  5. A great month in numbers, congratulations to your Dad and what a great way to celebrate by raising money for.such a.worthy cause

  6. Well done on raising so much money! And a huge "ouch" about the iPhone - having just got one myself I have discovered they are very "slippy" and have almost dropped mine several times! A great selection of numbers. J x

  7. Hmmm I love your photos with your numbers. Sad about the phone and the cost to fix it.