Thursday, 11 April 2013

CSI ...

I'm not talking about the TV but I do really love that programme & Ted Danson is filling Grissom's shoes well...
Actually I wanted to mention the CSI challenge blog I recently found here. They offer a weekly challenge in their own unique way. They even offer printable hybrids for you to use on your work.

This week is case 66.
I had a go & this is the result...
I used a photo of Dan which I totally love as it shows his passion for playing Rugby.
This challenge really made me think about the supplies I own & how I could use them to fit the brief. I will certainly be joining in again when I have time.


  1. CSI love here too and agree that surprisingly D.B Russell (aka Ted Danson) is filling Gil Grissom's (William Petersen) shoes pretty darn well..

    BTW Love that photo & the LO Sheena really does it justice.

    Must check out that site.

  2. fab layout, love how you have used the red to bring the page to life.

  3. Another CSI fan here :) and I'll pop over and check the blog, but wow, oh wow, this is amazing

  4. I know another couple of bloggers who love to join in with this one - the colour palettes are always so enticing I think! You've made a gorgeous job of this one

  5. I love what you've come up with....the red just jumps out. It looks a really interesting challenge....I'm pretty lacking in inspiration at the I may go and check out the blog.
    And another CSI fan here as well.

  6. what a fantastic layout! I love the colour combinations - different but so effective! love it.

  7. That looks like a great challenge blog, I love the colour scheme, would never have come up with that on my own. Brilliant photo of Dan.

  8. Love that background Sheena, great expression in the photo too ! Louise