Friday, 26 April 2013

Can you just make...

... this is a phrase I hear from my children from time to time. I'm not complaining by any means as I take it as a sign that they think I have the knowledge plus the skills to perform the task they've asked without just getting on the internet & ordering the said item! As a youngster I believed  my Mum could do / make anything & I love that my kids feel the same way about me too.
This week Harriet went to a post Gang Show party & wanted a little help with the costume she & her friend had picked.
Out came the sewing machine & 1 utube tutorial later I was merrily cutting up some of my fabric stash.
To make Mario and Luigi caps!
Harriet was thrilled with them & was happy to pose before we set off for the party.
 The Girls ready to party!!
 I wonder what the next request will be ?

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  1. oh wow Sheena they are fab. I saw you were making something the other day. very talented!xx

  2. I would never have expected that was what you were making! They're really great

  3. They turned out really well. Hope they had a good time.

  4. They are brilliant! I know what you are saying - my mum used to say that her Mum used to say the only things she couldn't do were "make mice and change the weather" No idea where the phrase came from!

  5. The thing is you make things so well, it's no wonder they ask you lol. I must say these just look fabulous