Monday, 15 February 2010

belated valentines day

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday , unfortunately the sore throat and croaky voice I'd had for days turned in to the lurgy and I spent most of valentines day under a blanket on the sofa !
Whilst feeling rough I watched some day time TV . This is something I rarely do but with the aid of the red button I watched loads of the winter Olympic coverage.The speed skating was just awesome to see and my knees were aching in sympathy for the mogul skiers ! Now I will be tuning in daily to catch the exciting highlights.

Paul & I are not what I'd call a soppy couple but we do celebrate valentines day 'cause why not !
We exchanged cards and I got these beautiful roses too.

Over the next week or so I'm planning to catch up retrospectively with some things i just have to blog ! but didn't do at the time !
Just bear with me x Sx


  1. The roses are beautiful Sheena:D

    Unfortunately flowers in vases don't go down well in this house as the cat likes to drink the water from the vase which in turns sends them flying:lol: Can't imagine the special powder in the water would do him much good either!

    Looking forward to reading your Blog again and hope you shake that cold off quick time.


  2. Beautiful roses Sheena
    'Just bear with me' alway me dear