Tuesday 3 November 2015

Me on Monday

Today I'm joining in with this meme from Sian. Posted a little late but these things happen x
Our Saturday was all about Halloween, with the children all at parties, we cross stitched our first pumpkin & then I ate scary M&M's at the movies. Sunday had us getting ready for going back to school & celebrating Dan's D of E Gold award with a family chinese.
Monday saw me spending a lovely evening enjoying baby cuddles whilst baby sitting my Cousins grandson.
Have a good week Folks. 
Sheena x


  1. You've only just cross stitched your first pumpkin? Where've you been? You're so behind the times.

    [Couldn't resist, sorry, I've never cross-stitched a pumpkin ... I feel I've missed out now!]

    and congrats on the Dof E award - you must be proud! x

  2. Chinese take away is our family favourite - and what a wonderful way to celebrate a gold D of E award. It seems to have been a week for people to be too busy or ill to post yesterday! Have a lovely week x

  3. I have never seen a cross stitched pumpkin! Congrats to your son on gold D of E, my son did silver and that was hard enough.

  4. Many congrats to him! That's wonderful.

    Sorry it's such a late wave from me this week

  5. Due to a technology fail, I didn't post on Monday either. I decided Thursday was a little late though! Congratulations on the D of E award. A very proud moment.

  6. Cross stitching a pumpkin? How is that even possible?! Congratulations on the Gold. I understand how big a deal that is x