Monday, 30 June 2014

My Month In Numbers - June.

Here we are on the last day of June so I thought I'd post my round up using  the MMIN system. I love the different view of my life this gives. So here goes...

007 - Bond in Motion Exhibition. Paul & Dan went to London for the day to see.
1st - load of STUFF brought back as Uni finishes, for us to home!!
4232 - candidate number for Matt's GCSE exams.

70.96 - miles power walked this month.

28 - degrees & more making this really a  Flaming June :)
100 - Happy Days Challenge all finished. I really enjoyed finding the small things that made me smile.

107 - raffle tickets sold at a fete as part of our Jamboree fundraising.

1 - lolly with a blob. A treat for standing at the fete all afternoon.
12 - blog posts written & scheduled. Pretty average for me.
All in all it's been a good month. To see other MMIN please hop on over to Julie Kirks blog the creator of this marvellous system x
Sheena x


  1. Well a lolly and a blob is new to me - looks tempting though. It's a bit like a lemon top in reverse [ice cream cornet with a blob of lemon sorbet on top].

    I'm seriously impressed with your walking total! I did my little power walk a few times this month [should be a few times a week ... but I've lapsed!] but nothing like your 70miles!

    And I'm sure those 100 happy days have left you with *lots* of happy scrapping ahead this summer.

    Your June is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other counter-uppers now Sheena:

    Here's to a happy July!

    Julie :-)

  2. My boys would have loved the James Bond exhibit! I too am impressed by your walking as well as being able to finish the 100 Happy Days challenge (I tried and lasted about 2 days!) - Did you share your photos somewhere or not?
    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  3. I think we might have to take a trip to that exhibition.

    I like seeing your monthly roundup. Oh and I'm so impressed by your walking. Actually I think I'm more impressed by the number of blog posts. :)

  4. Fun collection of numbers. I've never heard of a lolly with a blob, but I'd certainly like to taste test one. And I'm really impressed with your walking numbers - quite inspirational. Wishing you a wonderful July.

  5. I like the sound of that Bond Exhibition.

    We have a Home for the holidays pile of stuff like that here...5 weeks it's been sitting here waiting to be unpacked...