Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Happy happy days.

I've now finished this wonderful challenge but I'm continuing to record it along side my PL pages each month to remind me of the things that made me smile. 
Here are my 31 pics for May.

I would really recommend the #100 Happy Days challenge as a way of looking at your life a little differently x
Sheena x


  1. Great way of documenting your photos. As you know you've inspired me to take on the challenge x

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your 100 days and what a clever way you've documented them. I am thinking of joining in, maybe in the last 100 days of this year

  3. lots of people have completed this challenge and it does look good. Love how you've scrapped it too x

  4. It is such a great challenge and I've really enjoyed seeing all the pics popping up on IG. Love the sneak peeks of your classes. Having a little catch up with everyone today.