Saturday, 14 June 2014

#100 Happy Days

Today marks my hundredth happy day!

When I first heard of this idea - #100 Happy Days I was skeptical...posting a photo every day of something that made you happy ...but I was up for giving it a go & joined some friends who were posting their pics on FB.I added mine to Instagram too.
Now I would say that I would really recommend it. I admit it was tough some times but if you really look you can always find something to be happy about how ever small & I think it makes you appreciate your life that little bit more.
I am going to miss it but I'm recording all my photos in my PL album to remember the little things that make me Happy.
Sheena x


  1. I've really enjoyed seeing your photos

  2. I've been using the "collect" app to record a photo a day since March 1, so I think I'm close to 100 days as well. I've really enjoyed it.