Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WIP !!

Here I am on this wonderfully warm sun filled evening in my craft room... working on my half finished Christmas Journal from 2013!!
To be honest I'm questioning my sanity :D 
As I look around me I have quite a few "Work In Progress" projects doted about all requiring my time & attention & in need of a final push to get them finished. So why so many?? Some are classes from retreats, mini books awaiting photos, layouts needing journaling, others just put to one side whilst something more urgent was dealt with & then forgotten.
I think it's time to make some hard decisions...what stays & gets finished & what know I'll probably feel better for it. I need to be more choosy in the future & have more real expectations of what I can achieve but then I'm a I'll probably never learn!!
Any tips & advice will be gratefully received. 
Sheena x


  1. I think it would be a shame to have to toss something - there is a reason why you started all these things. I am trying to learn a lesson about not to start something unless I have the capacity to finish it!Take some unfinished layouts/projects and do them at the next crop etc ... that's what I did! I've finished many things that way, but of course there is still tonnes of stuff I have yet to finish off - maybe in the years to come?

  2. All my WIPs are sewing related and they seem to be multiplying fast! No tips I'm afraid. Good luck!

  3. I just think creative people want to do it all. And to be honest, what's wrong with that? Ok it also means we don't finish it all but isn't that the fun of our hobby ... Always something to pick up on a rainy day. I seriously don't think there is a creative person out there, who has ever said the words "I'm bored"

  4. I have several art journals in progress and do want to finish them up. I just finished my 2013 Christmas journal recently and will blog it pretty soon.