Sunday, 18 May 2014

What a difference a week makes...

Since we moved back home over two years ago now, we have struggled to make much head way in our back garden. There were a number of factors that caused it's demise including the builders & their equipment, the garden left to it's own devices for 2 years & then us focusing on settling back in to our home.
Last year, to make a start we had a new path laid so this year we are trying to turn the tables & give our garden some TLC. By focusing on small areas at a time we hope to give it our full attention & the weather over the past week kick started us into sorting a couple of the borders.

The border was cleared of all weeds & dug over before a membrane was pegged down to discourage the weeds.
We took a trip out to a garden centre & made some purchases focusing on the hardiness & height of the plants we chose. We decided to place our old stone bird in this border which was in the garden when we first bought it. I blogged about him last year.
Today we planted them all. There is still lots of bare space but these will grow & no doubt there will be more trips for more plants.
Now just need to water them well & watch them grow & flower whilst we decide on the next bit to tackle.
I'm looking forward to spending more time in the garden surveying our handiwork & enjoying all the positive changes x

Sheena x 


  1. Good luck with it all! At least now you can see one bit that will hopefully thrive and be neater for you. I am sure it will be very pretty in no time!

  2. You'll be surprised how quickly it will spring into life. Looking forward to seeing how you progress