Saturday, 24 May 2014

Project Life - April

On & off for the past week I've been working on these pages & even though the photos are only from last month I love the reminder this project gives me of the small & the big things that happen in our lives.
... A scrapping retreat, big feet!!, an award, a day out at Alton Towers...
... Matt's Prom, Dad's birthday & a National Scout Challenge...
...a Great Show, a Rugby final & a silly weekend with some scrapping & sewing at my house...
... St Georges Day presentation, Golfing success, Macmillan Girls Night In, Revision & a Trip to Manchester...
... Easter Holidays & chocolate, Jamboree Camp, Rugby match with a Son on each team!! ...
...The lovely Gary Barlow live,tasty baking, eating out, D of E practise...

In the words of Jimmy Cricket - "And theres more..." 
A special event was held in April too but I've given it it's own insert so will share it another time as it's not quite finished.
Thanks for sticking with it xxx

Sheena x


  1. Lovely pages Sheena - have enjoyed looking through xxx

  2. Great way to remember things you've done :)

  3. I adore how you do PL ... You make it so interesting and with so much to see

  4. simply gorgeous Sheena x