Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Month in Numbers - May.

It hardly seems like a month since I last wrote a MMIN post! I've come to realise we have a busy family life & TBH thats ok with me because there will come a time in the future when it will quieten down I'm sure.

11 family members enjoyed afternoon tea to celebrate my Mum's 70th Birthday.
61.84 miles power walked this month. 
21 years married on the 8th celebrated.
13 out 19 of Matt's GSCE exams sat!
Over £4 million raised by the efforts started by 1 inspirational man.
11 blog posts written, about average for me this year.
7 loads of Gang Show washing done ready to be stored for next time.
24 Dan's golf handicap in his 1st competition.
8 foot weed found whilst trying to sort out our back garden!!
4,300 Dominoes. WE watched these topple with hundreds of other people as part of the Coventry Mysteries Festival.
Hop on over to Julie's blog- the home of MMIN to see what others have been recording.
Sheena x


  1. You sure are a busy family. I like how you included stephens numbers x

  2. I always enjoy your month in numbers and May certainly was a busy month for you. I agree with Louse, I love how you've included Stephen into your month

  3. That's not a weed, that's a tree!!!! :P I enjoyed reading your numbers... happy belated anniversary and happy 70th to your mum! Great family photo :) Happy June to you!

  4. Happy anniversary to you 2 too! As my birthday's in winter it's nice to have something to celebrate when it's warm and light outside. And as for the garden, you could always say you were growing that weed as part of a competition - like people do with sunflowers!

    Your looks like a happy month too [as well as remembering a young life well lived] - with lots of life, colour and family moments. Certainly worth documenting.

    Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now Sheena:

    Here's to a bright and happy June to you all.

    Julie :-)

  5. What a great catch-up post. There isn't anything better than a long table filled with family!

  6. Fabulous. The dominoes would have been great to see. Good job on your power walking ... and you weed growing. Those things grow like crazy, one minute they're a foot high the next you're walking through a shoulder high jungle.