Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One Little Word

Over the past few years I've stopped having New Years Resolutions as I hate it when I can't achieve  them & the negative vibes that brings. So for the past 4 years I've been  following Ali Edwards example of picking One Little Word to refer back to during the year. This year I've chosen...
* I want to FOCUS on spending more time visiting & chatting with family & friends.
* I want to FOCUS on making this house a home. It really needs the little extras like pictures hanging, rugs sourcing, ornaments grouping ...
* I want to FOCUS on sorting our back garden which hasn't been the same since the builders finished!
* I want to FOCUS on regaining my health and fitness after a couple of months enforced rest.

These feel very do-able to me & I will look back at this post over the coming months to remind myself of my aims.

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