Monday, 31 December 2012

final instalment of month in numbers...

for 2012. Boy has this year gone soooo fast.
If you've not seen this before, Month in Numbers is a totally different way of recording your life created by Julie Kirk.
£139 - cost of our first ever fake Christmas tree.
9 - blog post this month - must try harder next year.

3- Christmas trees decorated, one in the lounge, the hall & the kitchen.
11.7 - my post -op Hb, treated with iron tablets.

18 - Our eldest becomes an adult!

1 - we lost Ginger Snap Ranger , our only ginger chicken :(

11 -  reindeer biscuits made using 1 new gingerbread recipe.
112 - miles round trip to spend a lovely day with my MIL x
3D - first ever watching of the Queens Speech wearing glasses !!
12.12.12. 12.12 - This type of date won't happen again in my lifetime so we snapped this pic of us getting ready to celebrate the 1st christmas back home xxx
many thanks for looking & reading my post this past year
I'm hoping to make a few tweaks in the coming weeks 
to make for a better blog.

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  1. Wow what a post x I hope you have a fab 2013 and we see a bit more of each other during the year. Love you all x

  2. Ooh Sheena I definitely remember leaving a comment here when I pinned your post! It must have got eaten somewhere.

    Happy New Year + thanks for linking up once again - I love the happy photo you chose to mark the unusual date!

    Julie :-)