Sunday, 30 December 2012

Journal journey...

I've managed to get a little more of my Christmas journal/ December daily album done in small bursts over the past week. I'm keeping the pages pretty simple in the hopes I get it finished before next Xmas!

Dec 5th - We found a home for our advent buckets by tying them to the bannisters !
Dec 6th - Birminghams Bull wearing his Rudolf costume.
I don't tend to worry about the papers or ranges or how old they are when I do these journals as I find that when you go back to them you are focused on the photo & the story.

Dec 12th - At 12.12 on the 12th we took this pic of us ready for our first Christmas back home.
As you can spot I'm missing a few days. I will fill them in, in time but tend to work on the pages that grab me first or that I have pics printed for IYKWIM :)

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