Thursday, 1 March 2012

My month in numbers...

Inspired by Julie Kirk to record my life in a different way.

February 2012.

15 mile hike I completed with the Explorer Scouts resulting in 1 black toe nail!

13 blog posts written.

6 Valentine Cards sent / received.

1 date night with Hubby to see Man on a Ledge in seats D11 & D12 - which I would really recommend.

3-14 The score of the Bablake v Henrys Rugby Match that Dan played in in front of a packed crowd.

1 new recipe tried- Vanilla Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce.

4 nights away I've had scrapping with really lovely ladies.

36 miles Dan walked to complete the Cotswold Marathon.

12 pancakes cooked, 3 consumed by me with lemon & sugar :)

Hope you enjoyed this different view of February.


  1. Everyone seems to have had more pancakes and new recipes than I did last month. And there's a surprising amount of crafting retreats going on amongst the Month in Numbers crowd [and March's numbers will document my own!]

    Thanks for joining in again Sheena, you're on the board now:

    Julie :-)

  2. I like how you make your numbers pop in red. Fun read :)

  3. Wow, I'm really impressed that you did a 15 mile hike! I think you deserved some pancakes after that! x