Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lessons in Messy!!

Whilst we were away last weekend artist & art journaller Bernice gave us a lesson on using paints, sprays, mists, stamps & inks to make backgrounds & journal pages. She is extremely knowledgeable & talented and it didn't take long before she had us all getting inky & painty in the garden.

Even the most reluctant were swayed by the amazing array of supplies Bernice had generously brought with her for us to try out. I was fabulous to see the group enjoying something totally different & also loving the results they were getting.

This was my first piece - totally loving both the colours & the texture created.

Many Thanks Bernice x


  1. Thank you for your generous comments. I'm so pleased you all enjoyed it.

  2. Love your colour tones ... and I agree with you - out of our comfort zone but fully enjoyable. x